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Spreading Positive Vibes from the Midwest...


Meet Steve & Kathryn

We live in South Dakota , the Midwest of America. What a lot of us can agree on, is that it's hard to stay positive these days. With all the social media content, the negative videos, rants, and just the people around you sometimes. Life can get hard! Just know there is a group of like minded people that are all about spreading the positive vibes! We have created a Facebook group page and podcast called "Positively Midwest" to help spread stories and positive vibes to us all. This isn't just about us! It's about all of us! We share together! In the group it is all about everyone sharing what makes them positive. Whether it's something you've read, jammed to, watched, or even a story that has helped you stay positive! We share it together! 

Please scroll below and check out the Podcast. It's posted on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google (just holler "hey google, play podcast Positively Midwest), Apple Podcast, Amazon (holler at that Alexa), Anchor, Podbean, Podcast Addict, and really anywhere you can stream podcasts! We hope to enlighten together.

We've been together since we were 16 years old and have basically grown up together! Not to be cliché but we have been through a lot together! We have many interviews with many different contexts, but we wrap them all up with positivity. Even if it's spreading awareness about a difficult subject, the positivity is helping others through education, storytelling, inspiring, and motivating each other! Let's engage.



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Our Mission Statement:

At Positively Midwest we strive to provide positivity through our social media Facebook group, page on Facebook, as well as Instagram. 

In conjunction with our podcast we hope to inspire, motivate, and engage our listeners thoughts to help change the mindset. 

By being a part of the movement of change and a positive mindset. We commit to giving back to the people that need it most. With any revenue created or donations we receive. We will do the following:

1) Send someone to therapy for at least 2 sessions. This will allow them to find some comfort to share, understand, learn, and hopefully continue going.


2) Give back to multiple charities that help make this world a better place and have passionate causes. 


3)Continue to expand our reach by advertising on social media platforms, getting better equipment, and travelling to do special and educational episodes.

All in the hope to inspire, be apart of the change in this world, give back, and to keep us all a little more positive!


Thank you all SO much for your support! 

- Steve & Kat - 🙏🙌🤗✌

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